Brass Dome Nut

Brass Dome Nuts

We are manufacturer’s suppliers and exporters of all types of Brass cap nuts and Brass Dome nuts. Our range of Brass metric cap nuts Brass UNF UNC cap nuts and Dome nuts Brass Acorn Nuts is exported to other countries with adherence to highest quality standards including DIN 1587. We also offer brass low crown cap nuts acorn nuts and high crown long nuts.

This acorn cap nut is a hex nut with an internal dome and it is partially internally threaded. The dome feature offers protection of exposed screw threads and a decorative appearance as a finishing fastener. The cap nut also protects from injury by covering exposed threads. Can be used in hobby and furniture projects, fencing, lawn or playground equipment, or any application where a nut is required and a finished appearance preferred.

Standard: To DIN 1587

Sizes: Brass Acorn Nuts Brass Dome Nuts Brass Cap Nuts From 2 mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 24 mm in thread size