Brass Pool Anchor

Shakshi Enterprises offers a range of Brass Pool Anchors which are highly relevant to our clients. Brass Pool Anchors are manufactured from high-quality raw stock as per the global quality model. We customize our output in various dimensions on the needs and specifications of the clients. Brass Pool Anchors are marked in a variety of types, Brass Pool Anchors are temperature resistant, simple, and easy to apply or install. This allows the cover to be installed easily and securely by unscrewing the bolt to receive the rubber tie, rubber tie hole, or hook on the round ring end of the stainless steel spring.

Brass Pool Anchor Flanges are ideal for broom-finished pool decks because the finishing process allows some of the air bubbles to penetrate the top surface layers of concrete. Be sure to use a sharp hammer drill bit when drilling for installation to prevent cracks or chips in the concrete. If chips do occur these brass escutcheon plates hide marring for a professional, fresh look.

Wood Tarots Grips are created to improve grip on wooden pool deck fittings. The straight flange of the anchor spreads out the tension of your protective cover, providing a safer and more secure installation. You should pre-drill the screw holes and use a Forstner bit to counter-sink these wooden deck anchor flanges flush with the surface of your deck. Brass screws included.

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