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We, Shakshi Enterprises are a well-known highly acclaimed organization operating for many years, the production plant has a diligent workforce to manufacture products in bulk with zero error. We establish the latest modern advanced technology to manufacture a wide range of products to meet all the customer demands in minimum time. We, Shakshi Enterprises are concerned to build professional relationships with customers. We produce step bolts at reduced costs to the customers; Step bolts present all official designations and positions to aid in perfect, reliable production.

Bolts are an essential part of the entire supply system or transportation system of a wide range of industries. It is used for connecting or joints and is easy to use; It can be assembled and dismantled quickly. Step Bolts play an important role in developing the steel structure; It has high yield strength to withstand compression fitting. Bolts are available in different categories to suit different types of fittings.

Step Bolts are stainless steel that offers excellent resistance to corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, intergranular corrosion, etc. It is commonly used in water supply systems, chemical processing industries, marine industries, desalination plants, food processing industries, oil and gas refineries, pulp. and paper industry, medicine, and more.

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